Na naaaaa na na na na na na naaa~

Katamari Damacyyyyyyy~

Contrary to many people’s nostalgic experience of this game from their childhood, there were many months during college where we played We Love Katamari! on my boyfriend’s roommate’s emulator. This video series brings me back to those times: rolling up colorful bits of life while conversing and discussing everything under the sun, always with a snarky, cynical bent. Happy memories.

Roll on, brave prince. Roll on.


I Give Up On This (Just For Today) (Again)

Plopping down a video and writing a few sentences about it is good enough for me today. While I want to push myself to do more when I have ample time for it, pushing myself to do anything at all when I have barely any time seems like the greater feat.

Please enjoy these two gentlemen, Rhett and Link, who are perhaps my favorite YouTubers of all time, with their 2014 comedy song, It’s My Belly Button.