Purposeful Pursuits


I realized today that I need to find more purpose. Now that I have actually (fiiiiiinally) started to feel settled into my apartment and routine, I need something to work toward, something to accomplish. It’s tough though, because I don’t want to commit to anything that will take up too much of my time. I still want the freedom to do basically whatever, whenever, and I need time to explore my area and find things I like about where I live now. But I also need a reason to get up in the morning – a small, yet pressingly present reason. A thing to do.

Work doesn’t do it. I like my job and the people I work with, but it’s fairly unfulfilling as far as feeling like I make any sort of impact. It’s an entry level job, and I work hard to do excel and find ways to improve my office’s function and efficiency. But I have always known that while I want a job that is fulfilling and invigorating, I don’t want my job to be my purpose (at least, not my primary one).

Friends can’t do it. This just isn’t a thing that they can provide for me. It is (hopefully) one ¬†of the purposes of every person’s life, to have and keep and protect and enrich the lives of their friends. But that can’t be the totality of my purpose either. I need to do more.

I’ve been meaning to get an online¬†store underway, and I think that will help. Something to curate, be creative with, strive for success in. I’m collecting all the parts, working hard on developing an inventory, sorting out everything so that when I launch it, I am truly ready for whatever it brings.

Just one more piece of my never-ending adventure.

More to follow.


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