I’m squee-ing like a middle school girl over my boyfriend’s bad morning. Allow me to explain.

He sent me this in a Facebook message:

“I couldn’t sleep and traffic made me late to work and I didn’t have stuff to do at first and I made cold coffee on accident.”

Here’s why all (most) of that is cute to me.

  1. I know what he’s like when he can’t sleep. He cuddles up really close to me and can’t be convinced to give me any breathing room. It’s adorable, and I love it.
  2. This is the exception – upset-in-traffic boyfriend and late-to-work boyfriend are not my favorite versions of said S/O. But it’s still him. And he’s still cute.
  3. I can picture Kyle awkwardly sitting in his corner desk at his boss’s office, not knowing whether he should just… sit still? Look at his phone? Surf the web? What’s appropriate in that circumstance? He gets this look of childlike bewilderment when he isn’t sure how to act, and it’s too cute.
  4. This takes the cake. All I can picture is my poor disgruntled boyfriend, just wanting a nice warm cup of comfort, being stymied at his own skill at somehow making his coffee turn out cold.

When you think someone is cute, somehow most things they do become cute. Even when all they did was have a bad start to their day.


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