I Walk Alone


I’m getting auditory flashbacks of mid-2000’s Green Day here, people.

I really enjoy taking walks alone. It’s something like a form of meditation for me. Sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts, outside. I like the warmth of the sun, or the bite of the cold. Moving my arms and legs gets my mind rolling. Letting my feet choose their path helps my brain trace new paths too.

I also talk to myself a lot while I walk, which can get a little dicey in populated areas. I usually keep well aware of who’s around me, and try to keep my talking, gesticulating, and facial expressions to a minimum. I’ll bet it would freak out anyone who I happened upon in a less populated area more, though. Just them and the lady who’s talking animatedly… to no one.

I get through a lot of one-sided discussions while I’m talking to myself. I prep for difficult conversations, debate myself, and have time to listen to how my words sound coming out. Sometimes I feel bad about doing this, though. If I’m thinking of talking to someone about something, shouldn’t I just hurry up and do it? Isn’t it unfair of me to prepare for a conversation that the other person isn’t necessarily expecting to have? Whenever I think this, I always remember to tell myself that it’s completely fine (and probably better even) to think through what I’m really trying to say before I say it to anyone.

My brain moves faster than my mouth. Some people have the opposite problem, leading to them saying things they didn’t mean. My problem is that I don’t always remember how my train of thought got to where it was, since I got there in a split second, before half of my thoughts even had time to turn themselves into words.  Keeping my feet moving seems to help.

More to follow.



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