Entertaining and Time

I like entertaining a bunch, but I have one huge thing stopping me from doing it consistently: time.

There are multiple reasons for this.

First of all, it takes me over an hour to get home after work, which means that most of my errands have to take place on the weekends, leaving less time for things like entertaining often. Sometimes (okay, often) I need a weekend where I have no commitments other than my own tasks.

I also live on the opposite side of D.C. from nearly all of my friends, so it can take them over an hour to get to me, making it easier just to meet up somewhere in the city instead of hanging out at my place.

That being said, I want to start doing it more often. I need my alone time and my time to run errands, but I also want to take advantage of living in an area where I have friends nearby. I want to either travel to see friends or make plans to see people in the area at least one day each weekend.

I guess it would also be nice if my friends in the area would make plans too. I’ve always been one of few planners in any group of friends, and I don’t mind it too much. It mostly gets to me when I ask my friends to do something and they either don’t respond, can’t commit, or flake out at the last minute. But those things can’t really be helped. The relevant part to this train of thought is that I want to invite people do to things, but I also want to be invited places. It’s no fun to do the bulk of the work all the time, even in order to have a fun time.

It’s the time component all over again. Why should I sacrifice my hard-earned, much sought-after free time to make plans every single time I want to see my friends? I shouldn’t. They should put in their time, too.

Hopefully I can get together with people sometime soon. I have plans to go on a short visit soon, and I know my roommate wants to plan a party for sometime in March. I hope that other people start spending their time to make fun plans that I’m a part of, too.

More to follow.



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