How do single people do it?

I live with a roommate, but we buy our own food (aside from things like oil, spices, and rice – things that can be bought so cheaply and in such large quantities that it doesn’t make sense not to share). But buying food and cooking meals for one is really, really hard.

First of all, there’s the volume of food purchased. Most healthy food comes in quantities that aren’t meant for one person making one meal. I can’t eat a whole head of broccoli by myself, and even if I spread it out over the whole week, I would never want to see broccoli again.

Aside from that, occasionally I will go out to eat, order takeout, or spend a weekend away. Those things, while being absolutely what I want to do, don’t help me with going through food at a fast enough pace not to let things expire.

It limits my creativity a little. I want to spend time in the kitchen, getting used to cooking for more than just myself. I want what I cook to be palatable to people other than me and my boyfriend, who will tell me that anything I make is delicious.

If I find anything that seems to fit the bill for long-lasting healthy foods, or at least healthy foods that I don’t get bored of eating, I’ll write another post about it to share what I’ve found.

In the meantime, here’s a peek into my I-forgot-both-breakfast-and-lunch stash at work.


Bowl noodles are not a meal. I repeat, bowl noodles are not a meal. See why this healthy and fresh food thing is on my mind?

More to follow.


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