Mystery Indian Restaurant Mission

I have given myself a mission.

This morning, I got off the bus and was finishing my walk to work, when I noticed that my new coworker was walking directly in front of me. I didn’t want to be all weird and say hi then, which of course caused me to be accidentally creepy as I walked about 20 paces behind her for the remaining five blocks or so to work. As we approached the door, I caught up to her and managed to say hello without feeling like too much of a weirdo, and we got into a conversation about our commutes.

As it turns out, she takes a bus with a route similar to the one my bus takes, since she lives in Columbia Heights, a neighborhood in the north end of D.C. Upon sharing that I live in Silver Spring, she told me that she goes there often, so she’s fairly familiar with the area.

We separated to go to our respective desks, but just now she came by to chat, and told me of a place. A glorious place in Silver Spring, kitty-corner to the Sprint store, next to a collectible coin shop. An Indian restaurant that is only open a few days a week, even then only for limited hours, and (purportedly) has amazing food.

In that moment, I felt the urge for adventure.

My coworker has never successfully visited this restaurant, due to her schedule and its limited hours. But I will. I will find this restaurant. I will find out its name and its hours. I will eat there. And I will report back.

More to follow.


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