No More Apologies

If I don’t keep up with the blog, then I don’t. It just means it’s not a part of my life that day, week, or month. Or a few months. No judgement.

I’m putting a reminder in my planner to try to get a post up each week, but I’m not going to pressure myself. This isn’t an attempt at a professional blog – this is a personal blog, just for me, that other people can read if they feel like it. I do enjoy this – it helps me to get some thoughts down on paper, and in doing so I feel like I’m making my own thoughts clearer to myself. It’s a similar mental process to

I should also apologize less. I live an actively kind life. I have no reparations to make that I haven’t already made. It’s time to stop apologizing for doing nothing wrong.

Also, literally no one reads this yet anyway. Yet.

More to follow.


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