Poetry, Understanding, and The News Lately

I suppose starting to try to blog with any amount of regularity wasn’t really the most practical choice I could make while also trying to find a job and a car and an apartment. But alas, I feel compelled to keep trying, so today you’re going to get some really juvenile and overly-simplistic poetry that I wrote for my high school French class.

We spent a lot of time in French 4 AP learning about various Francophone countries, and discovering bits and pieces about cultures where French is widely spoken. Many people from these countries immigrate to France in search of jobs. In this piece, I attempted to take on the voice of a father from Senegal who travelled to France in search of a better job, to create a better life for his wife and daughter back home.


Here’s a rhetorically accurate English translation :

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.12.40 PM

Please understand that today, having grown since the time I wrote this, I wouldn’t dream of writing about a topic which it is impossible for me to have enough knowledge about to address in such a way. This was for a school assignment, written in 2011, when I was 17. It indicates that I was unaware and immature. I like to think I’ve grown since then.

And while an imperfect ABCB rhyme scheme with fairly simplistic word choice makes this not my most mature attempt at poetry either, there’s nothing juvenile or overly-simplistic about the message I was trying to get across. At my high school, we were encouraged (nay, groomed) to be social justice activists, and to be continually aware of the realities of our world. As a white person whose family has been in America for over 5 generations, I have no way of knowing how either people of color or immigrants (or those who are both) feel or think, or the extent to which discrimination affects them daily. All I can say is that I’m sure it is vast.

Lots of things have happened recently. Lots of things have happened as long as our country, our society, our world, has been around. It’s all connected, it all needs to be addressed, and it all warrants attention and media coverage and prayers and action – but especially that which has gone uncorrected for far, far too long, and those problems which continue to present themselves as the most pressing issues of our time.

From me and everyone else who can’t possibly begin to understand the extent to which so many communities and individuals are hurting right now, and have been for so long, in the words and incredibly calming voice of Markiplier, please be good to each other. Be as good as you possibly can.

More to follow.


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