Here We Go!

Alright, alright. Why in the world am I starting a blog?

I read an article, found on an old acquaintance’s Pinterest, on some reasons that people should consider starting a blog. Before I was halfway through, I had decided. I’m writing this, still not even having finished reading the article, trying to do that very thing: start a blog, with no real prior experience or skill. Snap decision? Yep. Long time coming? Probably. Am I going to actually do it? Hey, pipe down, I’m workin’ here.

The article’s author listed reasons one “should” start a blog. Here are the reasons that I am starting a blog:

  1. I enjoy writing and journaling. I always have, and now that I’m freshly out of college and finding myself with some free time on my hands, I want to get back in the game. I want to be not only a supporter of artistic pursuits, but a pursuer of them. Committing to fully producing short ramblings about my life and thoughts seems like a good stepping-stone back into written creativity. I want the fulfillment I used to feel after working on a successful theater production or completing my final edits on a poem.
  1. Related to the first reason, I want to commit to a creative project. Anyone who as ever started such a thing will understand the struggle that is completing it. It always feels unfinished, not quite ready. An ongoing project frees me from that. I hope that blogging will also allow me to bring other projects under its umbrella, and lead me to a greater sense of accomplishment in what I have created and am continuing to create, instead of always feeling like I have left my projects incomplete.
  1. Writing more makes one’s writing better. I want to keep my skills sharp, and now that my main source of mandatory writing practice (being an English major) has ceased, I can decide how I do that. For too long I feel like I’ve abandoned my creative voice, incorporating it only sparingly and where appropriate into my academic writing. I’m plenty good at that – now bear with me as I remember the nuances of more diverse forms…
  1. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I know blogging is a good thing to have on a resumé. I want to show off a little. I can write well, and I enjoy doing it. I can put together snippets of a coherent, cohesive story. Looking good doing it is of course secondary to feeling good doing it, but I’m not opposed to giving myself a little boost, especially now that I’m out of college and have the job hunt looming over me. Gulp.
  1. I want to be less judgmental of myself, less shy to share myself with others. It’s a bad habit that I’ve let myself fall into for too long. I’m shy, I’m nervous to interact, I’m always aware of what other people might think of me. Being embarrassed makes me angry, and I get embarrassed easily. These feelings control me a little more than I want them to. I think letting my personality show a little more will be good for me.

I think blogging is ego incarnate. When I read someone’s blog, I hear, “Hey, look at me! My life is really important and at least someone else out there should care”.

That being said, it’s not a criticism. Thinking someone out there in the wide, wild world might possibly be interested in little old you, showing others bits and pieces of life as you know it? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Apparently, I think that I too have something to contribute. It’s not sage wisdom from my almost 22 years on this earth, it’s not highfalutin, moralistic advice with a clever clickbait headline, and it’s not constant travel and sightseeing the likes of which only the true 1% get to experience. It’s just whatever strikes me as something worth blogging about. I’m shamelessly offering up my words for someone to use their precious time reading them. I am pouring hours of effort into putting my thoughts, experiences, stories, and memories into a format that others can access whenever they want to. In doing so, I demonstrate that I have the gall to think someone might want to. But hey – you never know.

As for a theme, there is none. I do this purposefully, so as not to limit myself in any way. This is a blog for me, and I’m going to let it be just that. If it never becomes the streamlined, purposeful, super-thematic blog of the modern day, so be it. I’ll probably like it better that way. I’m content to leave it in internet purgatory, never seeing the light of popularity, as long as it remains what I want it to be. If it does achieve what one might call “success”, that’s fine too – as long as it’s still authentically me and mine.

There will be musings. There will be stories. There might be poetry. Heck, there might even be DIY projects, advice, French, photographs, travel logs, and attempts at drawing some larger conclusions than the ones written. I don’t care that my blog is just one out of a million others, and I’m not trying to be number one. I’m just trying it on for size.


More to follow.


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